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CRM in Nepal and It's Importance

May 10, 2023
10 min read

CRM In Nepal can be slightly newer concept. Let’s learn more about CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relation Management, which helps you organize all of your business activities and conduct effective strategies. It also benefits from the latest technology that your company uses to generate potential customers and satisfy the existing ones.

Well, it is often said that “Customers are the King,” and true to the saying, without customers, your company is like a boat but without a rudder. CRM not only prioritize your customer but also generate a peaceful relationship with them and turn them loyal to your company.

Similarly, getting loyalty from your customer means that they rely on your product and benefit from it which equally assists you to create revenue. Hence CRM directly adds value to your company and simultaneously elevates profit.

What Does CRM Mean In The Context Of Nepal?

When we hear about Customer Relationship Management, it refers to CRM software. A CRM software is a tool or service that lets small or large scale businesses single-handedly bring sales, regulate customer support activities, uplift the marketing strategies, conducts policy, and bring out people in one platform.

In addition to this, CRM keeps your sales team updated about the situation or problem, tackles them immediately with ease. As a result, it helps businesses keep their team on one track to engage with the customers.

Why Should Nepali Business Opt For CRM?

Several businesses in Nepal emphasize their product, advertise them effectively and generate lead to find a customer. Despite the fact that they are good in most aspects, they somehow lack in following and carrying out the interaction with their customer.

By doing this, they do not only disappoint the buyer but also lose a closed deal. If things start to worsen, there will be few customers in your business. After the COVID 19, the industry of Nepal hit a significant turmoil. While many left the business world, the majority of people conducted their own business.

Not to mention business on social media platforms blossomed beautifully and introduced people to the new world of online marketing. Although they did everything precisely and took considerable deals in the market, things got tough when more people approached their product.

Surprisingly the texts, emails, DM, and several other inquiries piled up from the customer, and it became tough for the company to interact with their customers to solve their dilemma. This made the owners overwhelmed by the process and could not focus on the problems and hampered existing customers and potential customers.

As they were new to the market, they focused on maintaining the quality of their product but less on people who were willing to buy the product. If they had known about the wonders of CRM, this problem would have been coped with easily.

Therefore investing in CRM might be the best idea to maintain customer relations even though you are a small business or a freelancer. CRM does not limit itself to the industrial scale of any company and can benefit anyone existing in the business world to taste the success.

Importance Of CRM

1. To Satisfy Customers:

One of the pivotal factors why a business stays in the market for a more extended period of time is that they know their customer. They are well aware of who they are, why do they opt for your product, and the history of purchases they have made in a time.

The detail allows the company to anticipate and predict the customer’s needs and satisfy them accordingly. Effectively used Customer Relationship Management can contribute to the strategic advantage.

If the details of your customer are organized skillfully, it helps the company to select correct recipients and promote a new product as well as offer them value.

2. Creating New Leads:

Customer Service Relation not only lets you satisfy the customer but also helps you to generate more leads. The contact information you provide on your website will automatically connect the customer to the CRM.

Then the task is assigned to the reliable sales personnel, who then provides quick follow-up. The sales personnel then interacts with the customer and asked her requirement to provide the service. Hence you do not lose a sale.

3. Up to Date Data Organization:

A company comprises people assigned to a different tasks to achieve a single goal. Customer Relation Management allows businesses to organize leads, fulfill customer needs, and contacts to generate sales and engagements. Even if your employer leaves the job, you can still get hold of the data to interact with the customer he/she has been dealing with.

4. Enhanced Communication:

CRM has a feature that lets businesses maintain and regulate automatic reminders. That means you no longer have to miss an important deal from the customers as you have already scheduled it the night or week before. That’s not only it, the CRM also allows you to create a set of email templates.

5. Sharing of Information:

CRM provides the necessary tools to schedule weekly emailed reports to make your sales team members aware of their weekly, monthly and annual goals.

Furthermore, the importance of the Customer Relationship System is not abided only to satisfy the need of customers. It lets you increase your business contacts and keep an eye on the internal sales activities.

It lets your marketing team collaborate and work hand in hand to achieve your company’s goal easily and quickly. In addition, a well-regulated CRM practice lets you dive deeper into your business sales performance so that it becomes effortless to know the problem in your company and make a strategy based on it.

CRM helps you access your work from any device you choose to use. Henceforth your leads never fall back on track, and you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Similarly, you never waste your valuable time searching your customer’s emails. In fact, you can create an automated response so that you never have to repeat the same information to different customers. It saves you a lot of time and put that energy into making productive sales.

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-✍️ Rohan Pokharel
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